Posting Assignments: People on cars and driving

By Barett Poley

Belleville and Peterborough citizens seem to enjoy driving, and aren’t too concerned about the changing face of the automotive world, according to interviews done over the weekend.

Maddie Westman, of Peterborough, and Eliza Sioux, of Belleville, were interviewed regarding their views on cars and the auto industry over the weekend. Maddie Westman is a Tutor who works with the younger Poley Children on weekends, usually on math. You can watch part of her interview below, or continue reading to hear some choice clips of the interview.

Westman is 16, and has just recently received her G2 license, alongside the freedom of being able to drive. She, thanks to her father’s interest, actually stays relatively up-to-date in the automotive world. She says that while new technology can be interesting and helpful, she’s wary of it. “We’ve got a long way to go,” says Westman. Listen, below:

Westman does say that she’s concerned about Global Warming, however. She enjoys driving her Honda Civic, but is worried about the impact it has. “I feel like we need a new solution … We can’t just be polluting the air” says Westman. Watch, in the timestamped video below.


Sioux, 19, has had her licence for a while, and is more used to driving. She is a student pursuing her post-secondary education. She says that she has an interest in cars and driving. You can watch her full interview below:

Like Westman, Sioux  isn’t too concerned with the autonomy of vehicles. She has a personal attentiveness towards automotive jorunalism, and likes muscle cars especially. She says that while Greenhouse gasses and global warming are a concern to her, she still appreciates vehicles.



Sioux (shown above) says that self-driving cars  seem “lazy” and that she’d much rather see a resurgence in classic cars and muscle cars. Listen to her thoughts on the matter, below:




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