What Automotive Journalism Means to Me

As a young boy, cars were more than just something to look at…

I’ve always had a passion for cars. The engines, the sounds, the smells and everything else. They drive us from one destination to another. They can bring new places in life, both literally and metaphorically.


My first car was the little Mitsubishi Lancer, pictured here. It wasn’t the greatest car in the world. Around 150 horsepower only, but it was light, and it was a 5 speed, and it was a fun time through high school and the first bit of university. School got more expensive however, and I had to buy something a little bit more practical, so I bought myself a Nissan. It’s automatic, and not nearly as fun.

Despite this, I can still work away on it as I like. It’s got an easy enough engine to get at, and maintenance is simple and can be done by myself.

I’m not a mechanic, and I don’t want to present myself as such, but I an an automotive journalist, and as such should know a little bit about cars.

Automotive journalism means I have the opportunity to marry the two things I love most: writing and cars. As such, it means a whole lot to me.



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